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Monday, February 21, 2011

She always has the best things to say :)

Often times being with family triggers issues for a lot of us, when it should be a time of enjoyment. The struggle does not negate the fact that you love them. I am sorry that Sundays are hard days and in my own way and in my small world, I understand.

You are beautiful, inside and out, regardless of the food that has gone into your body or has not gone into your body. Food is a mere substance to fuel the body, not unlike the fuel needed to make a car run. The fuel does not define the car, but just gives it power.

Fortunuately, we are not graded and evaluated as if we are cars. Our value is not obtained by our appearance nor how many miles we get to the gallon (of food). Our value is obtained from the One who created us and He designed us to enjoy everything that He created. He formed Adam and molded Eve and placed them in the garden of Eden and they were commissioned to enjoy all its fruits and all its provision but the one (that would bring death).

Your battle does not scar or diminish your value, but only adds to it. Each time you struggle, your value increases. Because you overcome. Each time you struggle, your value increases. Because you have to rely on an inner strength that others may not be aware of within themselves and have no desire to find it. Each day that you survive is a victory. You have been an overcomer all these years; you will continue to be an overcomer for many more.

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